Birds Love Suet

Su'et, noun. the hard fat around the kidneys of cattle and sheep, usually used for cooking and making talo.

Sounds great, doesn't it? But suet, prepared with the right ingredients, is irresistible to birds (squirrels too but that's another story). Suet is an important source of fat and protein for birds and this energy packed food is necessary throughout the year, whether it be to survive the winter months or to help birds through nesting season. And suet is not just for cold weather anymore. By using Suet Dough in the summer, you can feed suet 12 months a year! Suet Doughs have been re-melted several times before packaging, making them slightly harder than normal suet and able to withstand higher temperatures (mid 30 C) before melting. Almost all birds will eat suet, even some that are ground feeders will, in time, learn to love it. We always have song sparrows and junco's fighting for space on our suet and the little kinglet as well have developed a taste for it. And the birds will love all the great flavours like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Naturally Nuts and Nut and Berry. All Wild Birds Unlimited Suet blends are also available in Suet Doughs.



The best suet that you can feed your birds is our Super Suet. It is a high fat, high protein suet that also contains ground meal worms and calcium carbonate, making it a great choice for nesting birds. Also available in a No Melt suet for summer feeding and Hot Pepper in both regular suet and suet dough to keep the squirrels away. 



Another food that birds love is Jim's Birdacious Bark Butter, found only at Wild Birds Unlimited stores. It is a spreadable suet, developed by Jim Carpenter (founder and CEO of the franchise), that can be used anywhere or on anything. Or you can also use Bark Butter Bits, Bark Butter pieces that can be used in either a tray or mealworm feeder or mixed in with your favourite seed in your bird feeder or as Bark Butter Plugs. If you're short on space, use the Quick-Bites Feeder with a small cup of Bark Butter or a handful of Bark Butter Bits.

And for extra protein, why not try the Bits and Bugs, a mixture of Bark Butter Bits and meal worms.

Click on the link below to see how much birds love Bark Butter!

Birds and Bark Butter

As mentioned previously, squirrels also love suet and that can be a problem. There are only two ways to beat squirrels eating your suet; either purchase a special feeder or a baffle to keep them away or feed hot pepper products. 

Hot Pepper works because birds and mammals have different taste receptors; what tastes painfully hot to a squirrel (or us) will taste just mildly different to your birds. And it is not harmful to your birds. You just need to remember like, with anything in life, hot pepper products are not 100% effective (we have found it to be around 90% effective in our yard) and there will always be one squirrel persistently eating it.

Hot Pepper Products


Now you can combine Bark Butter with hot pepper too! This product is very hot and is proving to be very effective against your four-legged visitors. You can offer it as Bark Butter Bits, stackable dough and dough cylinders or the spreadable Hot Pepper Bark Butter. 


The most common birds we see at our feeders are woodpeckers, chickadees and bushtits. All woodpeckers will come to suet, insect being their favorite: the only limit to their visits is the size of your suet holder. Downy woodpeckers are the easiest to attract - their small size lets them sneak into "squirrel proof" suet holders as well as feed off the normal suet cages. Hairy Woodpeckers, Northern Flickers and Pileated Woodpeckers prefer the larger tail hook suet holder.

Black-capped and Chestnut Backed Chickadees will eat suet all year and will come to any suet holder. They have no trouble being on the suet at the same time as larger birds. The only birds that seem to scare them off are the Bushtits, and that is because they come on mass to feeders. Traveling in large flocks ( up to 50 birds), they completely cover the suet with their small bodies and then fly off, only to repeat the process over and over again.
Feeding suet is relatively inexpensive and a sure way to attract birds to your yard.

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