Flowers for Hummingbirds

All birds require three things to lead healthy, happy lives - food, water and shelter. Hummingbirds require something else, flowers. Even if you offer multiple hummingbird feeders (almost a necessity since the little darlings love to chase each other so much!), these birds still derive a large portion of their diet from sucrose found in flowers. You can use this knowlodge to your advantage by creating a hummingbird haven in your yard. Flowers, feeders and insects (we recommend that you practice organic gardening methods in your yard so you don't destroy the small insects hummingbirds require for protein) in one spot, what else would a hummer need?
I have included a list of flowers, shrubs and vines that work well throughout the year for your hungry birds.

Spring Flowers


        Bleeding Heart                   Huckleberry                  Wood Hyacinth


Red Flowering Current*            Wild Salmonberry*           Wild Elderberry 

              native                                         native                                native


Columbine                     Indian Plum * native

*these flowers bloom in early spring and are a good source of food for migrating hummingbirds.


Summer Flowers


    Bee Balm                                Coral Bells                        Penstemon


   Nictonia                             Fuschia                              Petunia


   Foxglove                  Red Hot Poker               Iris                              Salvia


    Honeysuckle                        Rosemary


 Fall Flowers


 Cardinal Flower             Gladiolus                Monkey Flower           Scarlet Runner Vine


              Phlox                              Hardy Fuschia                         Petunia


          Russian Sage                        Hollyhock                               Zinnia